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The Future of Data-Driven Investment

We empower investors with advanced data analytics and AI technology to reach new heights in their strategic decisions.

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At holis, we’re reshaping investing and performance monitoring

with data-driven precision

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Why use Holis?

Work smarter

Our AI technology deciphers billions of external and internal data points to bring you actionable insights for due diligence, value creation strategies, and performance monitoring.

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Make data-driven decisions

PE-level quantitative diligence ratios

Number of customers, Revenue, Number of orders, Paretto, Number contactable, Gender and Age split, Geography.

See the full picture

Engage with your data interactively to uncover hidden insights.

Our Visual Transformation Console is designed for rapid and intuitive use, allowing you to work efficiently.

Effortlessly zoom in and out of your business data with simple taps, utilizing intuitive drill-down and waterfall chart features to explore the data landscape seamlessly.

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FoxIntelligence by NielsenIQ is our preferred partner, boasting over 600,000 active online buyers across France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom

See the whole picture, with a new perspective.


Help us to shape a new path for private equity